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False 1203

Stockathon Q4 18

5 days left

This game is for those who prefer to walk the mile. If you are looking to make short to medium term investments, this is for you. This is a quarterly game starting 1st of every quarter.

First Prize - Amazon Voucher Rs.1000

Second Prize - Amazon Voucher Rs.500

Game winner - Please Contact Us to claim prize money.

The game-winner needs to ensure that his/her profile up to date during the game before claiming the prize money. In case of an incomplete profile, the prize may be forfeited.

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True 1207

Virtual Stock Market - Sentience 19 (Private)

8 days left

Test your trading skills and ability to deduce the effects of news and events on the stock market and share prices. This game will act as a tool for you to gain knowledge and learn real-time trading over an exchange. Compete against other people, buying and selling virtual stocks, invest wisely and finish up with the highest net worth of stocks.


Sponsored by: National Institute of Technology, Delhi