Moneypot: The Ace Stock Market Simulation for Investors.

Moneypot is a simulated stock market game that combines the joy of trading in the stock market without the fear of losing hard earned money. It aims to connect the online trading community through this virtual trading platform. Our online stock market games help investors learn market intricacies, enhance trading knowledge by employing market-proven strategies, win exciting prizes and meet like-minded people and gain expert opinions.

  • Registration is compulsory to play games on Moneypot.
  • Yes, its FREE!.
  • An effective connecting point for online investment communities.
  • A great platform to discuss and learn investment strategies.
  • Players can participate in multiple games at a time.
  • For each game you play, generally virtual money of Rs. 20,00,000 is deposited in your cashbook. However, the amount may vary from game to game.
  • Although, a mock stock trading platform, trading games are played using real-time market updates.
  • An e-learning tool for trading enthusiasts.
  • Win exciting prizes.