1. Registration
    You should be a registered user at moneypot. Registration is free.

  2. Login and Click on 'Start Trading'

  3. Virtual money
    For each game available, an initial virtual money will be available.

  4. Placing an order
    To place an order, type the company name or a few characters of the company name. A list will pop up and you can select the company you want to trade on. On selection, its current price will be displayed. Enter the desired quantity to buy/sell. Select the desired type of transaction (Current price/Good for the day/Good for the week). Enter the limit price if you select Good for the day/week option. Hit the "Execute" button to place an order.

  5. Order Execution
    'Current Price' orders are executed at the current market price at the time of order. Order will be executed within 5 minutes as the price feed is delayed.

  6. Good for the Day/Week order get executed whenever market price hits the limit price mentioned by the player

  7. Trade Summary
    The trading screen will display all the executed and pending orders of the day and the pending 'Good for the Week' orders.

  8. Portfolio
    The Portfolio page provides a summary of your stock holdings for each game.

  9. Cash Book
    The Cash book provides a summary of cash balances available

  10. Rank
    The Ranking system provides a summary of the player's performance in each game.

  11. Points to note
    Player can't trade for more than a certian amount per game in a single day. Most of the times this amount is set to 1 cr per day.

    The feeds on moneypot are delayed feeds. The companies listed are traded on the BSE.

  12. Penny Stocks
    Stocks with prices less than or equal to a certain fixed amount have been termed as penny stocks. Currently, the stock limit amount at Moneypot is Rs. 10.

    Penny stocks cannot be traded at Moneypot, except if a user already has those shares in possession.
    For e.g., if a user bought a particular scrip, say, at Rs. 11 (not a penny stock), but its price dropped down to Rs. 9 later (a penny stock), in such case, the user will be allowed to trade the shares at his possession.

  13. Short Sell Margin
    Moneypot allows players to short sell shares. For which a percentage of their 'Cash in Hand' is reserved for Short cover termed as Short Margin.

    Currently, the short margin at Moneypot is kept at 100%. This means, if you have Rs. 5,00,000 cash in hand, you will be able to short sell for Rs. 5,00,000 instead of the earlier Rs. 25,00,000, brokerage excluded.

  14. Stock Recommendation
    Members at can recommend stocks of their choice provided they fulfil any of the below mentioned condition
    • You should have played at least two games.
    • Your ranked in top 25 for any of the game you played.
    • Your have at least 30 likes from other members.